Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What can I expect to feel?

A. You can expect to feel completely relaxed which will allow your mind to become totally focussed on the outcome you want to achieve. The treatment is completely safe and enjoyable.


Q. Will I know if I’ve been hypnotised and how will it feel?

A. You are unlikely to ‘feel’ as if you are hypnotised; what you will probably feel is a deep sense of relaxation. Some people do enter a very deep level of rest though.


Q. Will I fall asleep?

A. A few clients think they may have fallen asleep but when they continue to follow instructions during their session, this proves otherwise. On seeing signs of sleep (snoring) a good therapist will adjust their voice and script accordingly.


Q. Will I be under your control in any way?

A. No; hypnosis is a voluntary state which you can leave whenever you want to and you would most certainly not be under my control in any way. You are totally aware of what is going on and cannot do anything that conflicts with your moral, religious or personal beliefs.


Q. Could I be left in a hypnotic state?

A. No. You may want to remain in this comfortable, relaxed state but no one in the last few hundred years has ever been recorded as being stuck.


Q. Could my mind be too strong for this to work?

A. Strong minds are great. It means you will be able to focus more clearly.


Q. Is it safe to drive afterward?

A. It will be perfectly safe for you to drive immediately after your session.


Q. Will I blurt out my darkest secrets?

A. Not unless you choose to!


Q. Is my session with you confidential?

A. Of course.