Investment For The Future



One on one sessions usually last one and a half hours and are charged at £70

Something from the past stopping you from venturing into the future. Take those first steps in the right direction.


Anxiety and stress reduction practice evenings £20

With 60% of all deaths down to stress related conditions, why not make those changes in your life to make those improvements in your health and well being. A two hour group practical evening class  gives you the tools to reduce the unwanted stresses in our everyday lives.


Group weight loss practice days £80

A practical exploration into beliefs in and around food, strategies for making better decisions and techniques to eliminate those negative emotions associated with food.

Work alongside others with the group exercises and then sit back and relax as you experience group hypnosis.

Try hard not to enjoy this as we make the changes you deserve.

Limited seating so places will be on a first come first served basis.

Contact Chris to reserve your time!


Hypnosis practice evenings £10

Come along and learn the basics of hypnosis and practice within a safe environment. Take away the skills to do self hypnosis and make those changes in your life.