What others say


Jorgen Rasmussen Hypnotherapist“Very focussed state of awareness where the components seem to be absorption, association and suggestibility.”

                        Jorgen Rasmussen


Hypnotherapist James Brown Head Shot

“Hypnosis is summed up with the word ‘Belief'”

                         James Brown



Hypnotherpist James Tripp

 “How we are continually shaping our experience of the world through our cognitive faculties” 

James Tripp


Gary Turner Head Shot

            “It’s a process and an end result. Hypnosis is when your imagination is guided so much that it becomes your reality”    

Gary Turner


Roy Hunter Hypnotherapist“Hypnosis is guided self hypnosis”

Roy Hunter



Hypnotherpist James Tripp

 “Is the use of language and communication to direct attention, lead cognition and seed ideas for the purpose of leading someone into an altered experience of reality.”

  James Tripp


Adam Eason Hypnotherapist“Hypnotherapy is not something done to you, you are not a passive recipient of it. It’s a collaborative process, it’s a verb, something you actively engage in. It does not work or not work”  

Adam Eason

Martin S Taylor

                                      “Different attitude of mind”    

Martin S Taylor



Sean Michael Andrews Head Shot“Hypnosis is a very simple process. It’s a natural state that human beings go into, usually through some form of relaxation and in that state they will accept suggestions that they would not normally accept in their normal waking state. You should want that to happen, expect it to happen and watch it happen”    

Sean Michael Andrews

Head Shot of Anthony Jacquin

  “Anything that we imagine could become part of our reality if we continue to imagine it and if we weren’t aware that we were imagining it”

Anthony Jacquin

Kev Sheldrake Hypnotherapist“Hypnosis is a social construct that causes the cognitive processes of automatic imagination. Hypnotic responses are defined by their subjective sensation of automaticity or involuntariness because they lack the the knowledge or feeling of intention”   

 Kev Sheldrake